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the shrouded overgrowth welcomes you with a warm fog .

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starting to post rdr2 art w/ arthur!

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my partner and i watched annihilation and it was sooooo good!! i really like the thing, and this reminds me a lot of that. biological horror is really interesting to me, expecially when it revolves around a creature or object that acts "natural" to itself. i think the monster design is incredible, the atmosphere and setting are impeccable, and i adore how the story folded out. i honestly cant believe i've never watched this movie before- it was sooo good!! if you like otherworldy horror it's on amazon prime, hulu, and youtube. i would highly recommend it!!


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my crew is up today and i posted a new journal entry!!

YAYY starting to post art online!! im excited to share with everyone

cicada, jackpot, malt, miami, and whitehorse had their information added in the petz shrine!!

everything is slowly coming together!! im almost confident in sharing this space now