around sping 2008, i was gifted petz 5 from a used book store titled bookman's. i got attached to it rather quickly!! i discovered the petz community in 2009, and since then was in and out every year or so. i remember loving jinxfold cattery, watching petz movies on youtube, downloading a ton of things from carolyn's creations and velvet paws. fall of 2023 i decided to really try and get back into the community ♥ i adore petz and i think it's a staple in my youth that i never want to lose.

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Petz 4 is a game developed by PF Magic in 1999 for PC. The two species incuded are cats and dogs, stylized as catz and dogz, and each pet has a unique code and genetic makeup. After a few generations their genes can mutate, resulting in coat colors that don't occur without high generational breeding. These petz can be fed, groomed, dressed, played with, have unique relationships with others, and cannot die. The only way a pet can "die" is if their file gets corrupted.

the petz community is vast and filled with friendly and creative people! you are able to adopt petz from others or edit the coding on a pet to "hex" them into a custom creation. you may do the same with clothing/toys/playscenes/whatever you can think of!! people hold shows, events, and giveaways with one another. it's a small but very thriving community.

i sometimes collect stamps!! my collection is here!!

my crew is all of my owned + companion petz. the toyz link will take you to all the toyz i've made!