my dad and i (5yrs) drinking coffee on our porch in indiana

cam/chausiie ... 29 (1994) ... she/they

i spent the first years of my life in fort wayne indiana! i remember how cold it would get and how my dad (who worked in animal control) would find and remove bats from our attic. i have always loved drawing, animals, and dinosaurs! i always had a plushie with me, my favorite being Chip from beanie babies (i have 4)!

me (2yrs) in my mom's arms
filled with excitement seeing a t-rex

there's much that excites and facinates me! there are parts of my childhood i view with a similar light, but also much of it i remember with confusion and are blurry to me. in recent times there was a long period of dissociation from myself. i started to connect with my youth again after learning to set boundaries. i played a lot of games with war themes, found great interest in horror, and would fall asleep to forensic files playing from my crt tv nearly every night. i've spent long hours connecting with myself again, and feel i have always been this way! i love being an adult and never act childlike, but reclaiming my childhood and healing myself takes the upmost importance.

i love people, i love how different we are from one another down to small details. i have a hard time socializing with people but try my best. i have always felt most comforatble in forests. standing at the coastline in oregon, looking up at the redwoods in california, hiking in the forests of yellowstone, wyoming-- the energy in those places are ethereal :)

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better call saul | breaking bad | cyberpunk 2077
far cry 5 | grand theft auto | metal gear soild
nope (2022) | paleontology | petz4
red dead redemption | ryu ga gotoku / yakuza

i love cryptid shit and spooky stuff!! my media preference seems to be is gritty crime dramas with mature themes and comedic undertones.

i play on pc ( sorry!! )
if you play on console we can still be friends!!

comfort characters
arthur morgan. jesse pinkman. jimmy mcgill.

carcharodontosaurus, ceratopsians, cervidae (deer) crocodylidae (crocs), dromaeosaurs (raptors), felidae (cats), orcas, sharks, stegosaurus, tyrannosauridae (tyranosaurs), ursus arctos (brown bears)

conifers, horsetails, ferns, monkey puzzle, monsteras, palms, phillodendrons, pothos, redwoods, syngoniums

amber, brown sugar, coconut, hibiscus, lavender, peach, sandalwood, sweet pea, vanilla

apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes (red), honeydew, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon