a note taking / planning website where you can also collab with others on. great for planning.

stay focused with this timer! focus for 25min and includes 5min breaks!
A site to organize, display, and share your ocs! let me know if you need a code <3

visual help when learning how to code! you can also see your code in real time

fonts + text dec
my fave font generator to use!!
font awesome
pixel text generator

from me
markiplier main line fnaf playlist
i made this for background noise... like go to sleep to lol

track aircrafts
have you ever been curious where those planes are going? now you can see their adventures!

video essays
collection of my favorite video essays! all are longer than one hour :9

before you leave

there's a path out of the forest into a great clearing. the gentle whispers beckon you to turn around one last time before you leave. your presence is a gift.